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ORIENT STAR: Mechanical M45 Watch, Cordovan Strap - 41.0mm (RE-AY0124N) Limited

This cutting-edge dial, inspired by the mystical M45 Pleiades star cluster that lights up the night sky, features a new grey gradation effect representing an occultation, or overlapping, of Pleiades and the moon. 

This grey gradation dial is created using the complex manufacturing processes and advanced technologies. The surface of the dial is first stamped with patterns representing the infinite stars of the M45 Pleiades, which refers to the open star cluster of Taurus. The delicate patterns change expression depending on the angle of the light and create a scene of twinkling stars on the dial. Next, uniquely formulated paint is applied using a gradation machine to delicately adjust the colour density and width. This technique creates monotones that change from grey at the centre of the dial to black towards the outer edge. The painted surface is then coated with wrapping that is thicker and more transparent than normal clear coating, giving the grey gradation dial the depth of the eternally expanding universe.

The power reserve indicator at 12 o’clock and the moon phase, date hand and date display at 6 o’clock, are designed in a dual-plate structure. The black Roman numeral indices, which match the colour of the dial’s outer rim, are printed in multiple layers to form exquisite contour and shading, distinguishing them from the background. The grey plated hour and minute hands blend in with the grey gradation of the night sky, while the mirror and hairline finishes add legibility. The silver-coloured accents by the index and power reserve are reminiscent of the stars shining particularly bright in the M45 Pleiades. The case is made of high-quality stainless steel (SUS316L) and set off with deep black plating to express the night sky. Each of the 120 limited edition pieces in this rare design are engraved with a serial number.


      • Case size (3H-9H): 41.0mm
      • Stainless Steel Case
      • Water Resistance 5bar(50m)
      • Dial colour: Gray gradation


  • Típus: RE-AY0124N


Tokméret(3 és 9 óra között): 41mmTokméret (12 és 6 óra között): 49mmTok anyaga: Stainless Steel (SUS316L)Hátlap kialakítása: See-through CasebackHátlap szerkezete: Screw CasebackÜveg: Sapphire Crystal GlassÜvegbevonat: Super Anti-Reflective Glass CoatingÜveganyag: Hátlap: Sapphire Crystal Glass


Automatikus kézihúzós: YesDrágakövek: 22 JewelsRezgés: 21,600 vibrations/hourKézihúzós: YesMozgás: MechanicalKaliberkód: Cal.F7M65


Járástartalék: Yes (50H)Másodpercmutató-megállító mechanizmus: YesDátumkijelző: YesVízállóság: 5bar(50m)


Szíj: Cordovan